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Everything You Need to Know About Sand Casting and its Benefits

One of the most basic and most useful manufacturing methods that are available to designers is metal casting. These processes include pouring molten metal inside of a preformed mold, which when cooled becomes a finalized part. As a result, to cast metal there are many processes used and this article will tell you the most widely used casting method, sand casting. To create any number of complex mold shapes this process uses sand, and this article will let you know how this process works, how it fares against other methods, and in industry today where sand casting is used.

To create a mold, Sand casting is a casting process where sand is used. To create a part, liquid metal is poured into this mold. To know about the other forms of casting, you need to visit few articles on the types of casting processes. You will find many sand casting manufacturer available near you. In this method sand is used because it can be formed into any number of mold shapes, it insulates well and it is relatively cheap.

Benefits of sand casting

There are numerous benefits of sand casting process.

Below is listed the main benefits of using sand casting:

  • Sand casting is cost-effective to modify and has a low set up cost
  • The process can be implemented in the mass production of parts and is highly adaptable
  • The equipment cost is low, as it often involves just sand and reusable patterns
  • As long as all the alloys melt and are pour able they can be used for casting
  • The lead time to make the molds is short, making sand casting ideal for short production runs

Sand casting as an integral part of modern manufacturing is an investment casting. It is a low-cost and low complex manufacturing process. Consider implementing sand casting process into your production line if investment casting is too cumbersome, or if large parts are needed.

If the correct cores/gating systems are used sand casting can create very complex parts. Follow us on: Facebook

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